Datyson 5P0087 Reducer for Telescope 0.5X Focal Reducer 1.25 inches Fully Multi Coated Reducer for Telescope Eyepiece Photography and Observing (M28.6X0.6mm thread)

Datyson 5P0087 0.5X Reducer Lens 1.25-inch filter thread(M28.6X0.6mm)

Datyson 0.5X Reducer for Photography and Observing
This reducer halves the focal length of your telescope, giving you a much wider field of view. You can use this, for example, for doing astrophotography by using an astronomy webcam.

Apply to : 0.5x reducer for screwing into a 1.25'' filter thread(M28.6X0.6mm), more lens speed.

Using for : Increase the image field of your web camera, use the reducer visually with an eyepiece, also ideal for video astronomy.

Product Features

  1. 0.5x focal reducer cuts the telescopes focal length in 0.5 times of original's to get a wider field of view
  2. Fully metal structure design;Fully anti-reflection coatings on all air-glass surfaces for increased contrast
  3. The focal reducer is great for visual use for a bigger FOV and is indispensable when CCD imaging
  4. Directly connect the interface to the eyepiece;there is a very good performance in both visual and photography
  5. Mounting threads - 1.25" filter thread (M28.6x0.6mm) on both sides: Threads into eyepieces, camera adapters, and other accessories with standard 1.25" threads, and can be stacked with additional 1.25" threaded accessories.
  6. Intended for use with with longer-focal-ratio telescopes and eyepieces of narrow to moderately-wide apparent fields of view.

Product parameters
Brand: Datyson
Product No.: 5P0087
Origin: China
Focal Reducer: 0.5x
Barrel Size: 1.25"/31.7mm
Thread Interface: M28.6x0.6mm thread at both ends
Sleeve Material: Full metal aluminum alloy
Lens Coated: FMC-Green
Lens Material: Pure optical lens
Color: Black
Net Weight: 16g

Package Include:
0.5X Reducer Lens * 1
Storage box *1

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