Datyson 2X0029 2X Barlow Lens for 23.2mm microscope eyepiece


What is a Barlow Lens?
A Barlow is a negative (diverging) lens that is placed between the objective lens (or primary mirror) and the eyepiece of a microscope. It increases the effective focal length of an objective lens, thereby increasing the magnification. The idea is that 2 eyepieces and a Barlow will give you the flexibility of magnification of 4 eyepieces, and will give higher magnifications with less powerful eyepieces.

Aluminum alloy body with black anodized surface is precision machined, stable and durable for a long-time use.
2X magnification with 23.2mm interface increases the magnification of any 23.2mm eyepiece and also can provide comfortable viewing.
Easy to use: simply insert the eyepiece into Barlow lens, and then insert the Barlow lens into the microscope.

Brand: Datyson
Product No.: 2X0029
Origin: China
Magnification: 2X
Product material: all-metal-aluminum
Lens material: optical glass
Interface size: 23.2mm
Color: black
Product volume: 51 * 27.5 * 27.5mm
Net weight: 24g

Package Include:
2X Barlow Lens* 1

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