EYSDON 5X Barlow Lens 1.25" Metal Fully Coated Focal Length Extender for Astronomical Telescopes


What is a Barlow Lens?

A Barlow is a negative (diverging) lens that is placed between the objective lens (or primary mirror) and the eyepiece of a telescope. It increases the effective focal length of an objective lens, thereby increasing the magnification. The idea is that 2 eyepieces and a Barlow will give you the flexibility of magnification of 4 eyepieces, and will give higher magnifications with less powerful eyepieces.

Product Introduction:

This EYSDON 5x barlow lens can improve 5 times of any 1.25" eyepiece;double the capacity of an existing set eyepieces at the cost of a single eyepiece.
The apochromatic barlow provide a high power magnification allow you look more closely and more detailed at the moon's surface and other planet.

Magnification: 5X
Lens Construction: 2-Element 2 Group
Lens Material: Apochromatic Optical Glass
Lens Coating: FMC
Port Size: Standard 1.25" (31.7 mm)
Body Material: Metal
Eyepiece Insertion Depth: 24mm

Package Include:
1 x Barlow Lens
2 x Dust Cover

Pay Attention:

The barlow lens’ role is not to improve image quality;but in order to comfort .
Even a well made barlow will little damage on the imaging quality.
When the barlow lens and eyepiece using together and the magnification is over the biggest magnification;the barlow lens observation effect appears nearly zero or imaging becomes blurred;in order to reduce the influence of imaging;careful selection of barlow at different magnification.

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